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Norway's environmental policy causes irreparable damage to the Arctic

15.08.2019 16:45

Participants in the international forum ECO-MEDIA-BARENTS-2019, which was simultaneously held in Murmansk and in Norwegian Kirkenes, sharply criticized the environmental policy of the Kingdom, which causes irreparable damage to the Arctic.

Thus, Kurt Willy Odedekalv, head of the Green Union of Norway environmental union, recalled that Norway is almost the only country that continues to “practice” the disposal of industrial waste in its own northern waters. So, the administration of the Nussir mine allowed the government to dump up to 2 million tons of mining waste into the North Sea. At the same time, as Oddelekalov emphasized, the waters bordering Russia are in danger. This, in particular, is about expanding the government’s license to dump the mine’s waste in Kirkenes. Thus, heavy metals, together with waste, penetrate the Barents Sea, the ecologist explained.

Earlier, Oddekalv stated that the Norwegian authorities did not want to resolve the situation with the sunken submarine of the Second World War in the North Sea. According to the ecologist, about 60 tons of mercury are on board the submarine.

In turn, Mr. Norwegian scientist Paul Eric Asfolm of the Nibeo Institute called for stopping the whaling industry, which is also encouraged by the authorities of the Kingdom, and, moreover, has long acquired a commercial character. “This wild fishing is necessary, if not stopped, then very seriously limited,” said the scientist.