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In your dreams, Ukraine

28.06.2019 15:36

Ukrainian ambassador in Norway V.V.Yatsiuk  during his visit to  Svalbard archipelago on June 12 announced that Kiev is interested in strengthening its  cooperation with Oslo in the questions of the Arctic development. In fact he stressed that Ukraine is eager to be a new Arctic player. But for the exploitation of the region one should have at least an icebreaking fleet, aviation capable to operate in difficult weather conditions and technology to enable people to build warm accommodation and warehouses. Only one country has it all.  

Today Russia has the Arctic search stations, ports, airfields, air defense systems and the most important thing is that the Russian Federation is the only country  with nuclear icebreaking fleet. Canada, the USA and Scandinavian countries can only partially compete with Moscow. So, Washington has only one icebreaker which is not able to perform tasks in the Arctic. Let me note that the White House even refused to conduct military exercises in the Arctic because of the possible damage to the vessel and the fear of asking for Russian help. Practice shows that the Arctic countries are suffering from severe shortages of equipment and which is available is also not able to operate in the northern areas without interruption.. For example, in March it became known that the rescue services of Norway  wouldn’t be able to eliminate emergency situations without Russia.

 While Western countries unsuccessfully try to resolve minor issues related primarily to ensuring their own security the Russian Federation has been successfully building research and military bases in the Arctic and since 2014  has a Northern Fleet Joint Strategic Command more commonly known as "Arctic troops". V.I.Batyuk, head of the Center for Military-Political Studies of the Institute for US and Canada Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, emphasized: “The West does not have enough power and resources to develop the northern regions. Moscow has outstripped the rest of the world for many years to come and no desire to reset this fact will succeed.”

Thus, Russia has a great military and economic potential in the Arctic and there is no country that can compete with Moscow in this region. In this regard, the desire of Ukraine to engage in the struggle for the Arctic can only be viewed as an unsuccessful attempt by the West to resist the influence of the Russian Federation in the north.