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Russia plans to build another two icebreakers for the Arctic

29.05.2019 15:52

President of the  Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation (USK) Aleksey Rakhmanov said that USC aplans to build two more Project 22220 icebreakers by the end of the year. The ships will be built at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg.

 "The experience and unique capabilities of the Baltic Shipyard will be in demand, and we will begin construction of the fourth and fifth hulls, or the third and fourth serial icebreakers by the end of this year, Rakhmanov said. At the same time, he stressed that the contracts for the construction of ships have not been concluded yet, but this just a matter of time.

Rakhmanov also reminded about the ceremony of launching the third Project 22220 icebreaker Ural which took place on  25  of May at the Baltic Shipyard. The first two ships Arctic and Siberia were launched in May 2015 and in June 2016 respectively.

Upon completion of construction,  Project 22220 icebreakers should provide year-round navigation through the NSR. They will be able to escort vessels, including those with hydrocarbon raw materials from the fields of the Yamal and Gydan Peninsulas to the markets of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.