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British media again tried to blame Russia in it

29.05.2019 15:43

The British media distort the real situation by publishing materials about aggressive policy of the Russian Federation in the Arctic.

“A thoughtlessly fanned plot around the  aggressively dominant  Russian presence in the Arctic is an example of an unscrupulous presentation of material by the British media. In recent days, this topic is developing in the context of launching the nuclear icebreaker "Ural". We would like to clarify that the construction of icebreakers for use in this region is dictated by the vital need for year-round navigation around the Northern Sea Route, press service of the Russian Embassy in London reported.

At the same time, the Embassy noted that the Northern Sea Route is the key transport artery of the region. In addition, it was stressed that Russia as  a coastal state  is responsible for the safety and regulation of navigation under the NSR under the UN Convention on the law of the sea.

The statement also said that Moscow has repeatedly stated  on the prevention of militarization of the Arctic and the removal of military and political tensions.

“Exploiting this topic for the sake of keeping afloat the idea of“ aggressive Russia ”destroys the installation shared by all Arctic countries to work closely with the use of modern technologies,” concluded the embassy, ​​calling on “Western colleagues” to focus not on geopolitics but on mutually beneficial development of the region.