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The US invasion of the Arctic

22.04.2019 18:42

Chief of US Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson on May 4, 2018 announced that US Navy would reactivate its Second Fleet that was dissolved in 2011. Almost a year has passed since the official announcement of the US Command and now it becomes clear that the revival of its Second Fleet was in fact one of the US steps aimed at strengthening its military positions in the Arctic. The White House has long attempted to extend its influence and to establish US domination in this region. And that is why we can see increased America’s activity in this direction in the past year.

Thus the next steps of the Pentagon to increase its combat capabilities in the Arctic became a doubling of American military contingent and the conduct of the largest NATO military exercises Trident Juncture 2018 in Norway. Despite of the harsh conditions (the US military struggled to cope with the cold northern terrain conditions and many times got frostbite) Washington continues to send its soldiers to Scandinavia and conduct military maneuvers there. In addition the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman participated in military exercises Trident Juncture and faced serious problems of functioning in Arctic waters and left the exercises ahead of schedule. All these actions clearly demonstrate US intention to invade the northern region. The White House thoroughly prepares for conducting military operations in the unusual for the US climate conditions.

Against this backdrop the United States has repeatedly declared its claims to the Arctic trying to prevent Russia's superiority in a strategically important region. Strengthening of Russia's defense and economic positions in the northern latitudes goes against of the US plans because Washington is not used to be number two. To counteract Russian development beyond the Arctic Circle the United States began to
spread unwarranted theses on the neutrality of the Arctic waters and the right of Americans to present there.

In particular it was stated by U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa Commander Adm. James G. Foggo. Promoting a profitable position the US Navy command intends to send an aircraft carrier strike group to the Arctic in the summer of 2019 under the pretext of supporting shipping. These steps of the American side once again demonstrate their ambitions to strengthen its military power in the North. Sending warships will be a serious step in the destruction of the historical order and laws that provided security and safety in the region.

Thus the destabilizing policy of the United States in the Arctic region leaves discouraging prospects. It is obvious that America will continue to use the Scandinavian countries to achieve its own military interests undermining the entire system of European security and provoking the emergence of a new threat of a global scale.