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US plans to send warships to the Arctic

21.01.2019 13:23

In the summer, the United States intends to send warships to the Arctic to test their work in high latitudes. This was stated by the head of the US Navy, Richard Spencer.

"Harry Truman" in October 2018 became the first American aircraft carrier, for 27 years crossed the Arctic Circle. This campaign was carried out in the framework of NATO exercises in Norway Trident Juncture.

According to USNI News, during the exercises, "Harry Truman" did not experience any difficulties, however, escort ships did not show their best side.

Spencer noted that the Ticonderoga cruisers were the latest class of US ships with ice-removal steam systems. More modern ships have no such option. He also called for toughening the requirements of NATO’s Joint Command for operations in the Arctic.

In addition, the head of the US Navy stressed that the real purpose of the United States in the region is to ensure freedom of navigation.