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NBC: US gives way to Russia in the race for the Arctic

05.12.2018 13:11

According to NBC News, the US icebreaking fleet is going through hard times, today only two old polar icebreakers remain afloat.

It is reported that these icebreakers collect scientific data, eliminate the effects of oil spills and rescue ships stuck in the ice. They also stand on the protection of American interests in the Arctic Circle due to the fact that melting ice opens up new trading opportunities in the region.

In this case, the material states that one of the US icebreakers called the "Polar Star", which was built 40 years ago, has long overcome the expected service life and is constantly breaking down. Another ship, the Healy, built in 2000, can perform an exclusively scientific function.

According to the most optimistic calculations, the minimum period when a new American icebreaker can appear in the Arctic is five years, while Russia already has 40 such ships operating there. It is noted that Washington has long been inferior to Moscow in the race for the Arctic.

The United States realized the importance of the Arctic during the Second World War, then seven icebreakers were built, three of which worked off the shores of the USSR, but that was all, the material says.