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UK MoD tested new bio-agents in Salisbury?

26.07.2018 15:21

Anatoly Kosinsky

Russia’s Embassy in London has pointed to the new contradictory theories around the incident in Amesbury. "Sealed box, discarded bottle or perfume bottle broken by bare hand? UK media (and highly likely the government) are muddying the waters with fresh and contradictory Amesbury theories - but still putting the blame on Russia," the embassy tweeted.

The theories about what happened in Salisbury and Amesbury are controversial and sometimes even ridiculous. Even if the Skripals and the two Britains had actually been poisoned by a substance, neither the police, nor OPCW presented any evidence that it was the Novichok.

One cannot rule out that incidents in Salisbury and Amesbury were a failed attempt of British military to test a new nerve agent. According to Joel Savage, Ghanaian-Belgian journalist, for decades, the British military are responsible for the planting of biological weapons in Africa, or through contaminated vaccines, giving birth to various deadly man-made diseases. They used Africans for tests of biological weapons.

"Dr. Carlswell was then in Uganda when 'The Weekly Topic' newspaper accused CIA agents disguised as scientists and journalists, of spreading lies about the origins of the Aids virus," Savage pointed out. Dr. Wilson Carswell, a member of the British armed forces, was the leading AIDS-research scientist in Uganda in 1968-1987. The Ugandan government discovered his role in the deliberate infection of the Ugandan population with the AIDS virus and expelled from the country.

It is interesting to note that Dr. Carswell continued the development of chemical and biological weapons and human testing in the Porton Down defence research laboratory which is between Amesbury and Salisbury.

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory is the most controversial, most misunderstood and, some say, most-feared scientific institution in Britain, according to the BBC. It has a budget of £500m a year and employs more than 3,000 scientists. The laboratory conducts much of British top-secret military research. In the 1950s Porton Down developed its own nerve agent called Venomous Agent X or VX. Chemical agents which can be used against humans are still developped and manufactured at the laboratory.

What if Porton Down scientists created biological or chemical agents that are not even categorised by the biological and chemical weapons conventions because they are new, and one of them was used in Salisbury and Amesbury? We do not know for sure what happened with the Skripals and the two Britains, but we should accept the fact that the British military tested biological and chemical agents in Africa and they continue to do the same in their own country. British accusations of Russia's involvement in these poisonings are an attempt to shift the blame on to Russia and cover up fails of the UK MoD.