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Uncertainty is the "calling card" of Foggy Albion

18.07.2018 13:04

Stasy Dementieff

Russian President Vladimir Putin once again called unsubstantiated London's accusations of Moscow involvement in the Salisbury and Amesbury incidents.

"Now we hear that two more people have suffered from this so-called chemical drug, which is called "Novichok". On the part of the UK this is another unfounded accusation, which has absolutely no basis", the head of Russiain an interview with Fox News.

Recall that on June 30, two residents of the United Kingdom - 45-year-old Charles Rowley and his 44-year-old friend Dawn Sturgess were hospitalized in the city of Amesbury (Wiltshire) in critical condition. A woman died in a hospital in the evening of July 8. Rowley, reportedly, came to consciousness. Last Friday the Scotland Yard said that they found a bottle in the house of victims with traces of the nerve agent "Novichok", who were allegedly poisoned by Skripals in March of this year. The British Foreign Ministry immediately informed that experts of the OPCW at the request of London would arrive in Amesbury next week to confirm the type of poison agent found.

However, for some reason the British authorities do not want to wait for the results and continue to assert that the nerve agent was developed in the post-soviet area.

At the same time, Russia repeatedly requested documents from the UK on the "Skrypal Case", but London still ignores Moscow's requests. As, however, the Russian initiative to conduct an independent international investigation was ignored.

In this case, there is a persistent sense of deja vu. It is possible that the incident in Amesbury was initiated in order to pull out the "Skipal case". However, the new case of poisoning "Novichok" creates even more questions. Especially when you consider the fact that the combat nerve agent can easily be found in any rubbish in the county of Wiltshire. If, of course, so it was...

In any case, the world community still can only guess what really happened in Salisbury, and now in Amesbury. After all, London still keeps a stony silence. However, this is not look good for Theresa May...