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"Titanic" which began to sink ...

28.06.2018 11:47

Stasy Dementieff

At the special session of the countries-participants of the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the OPCW has been given the right to identify responsibility of chemical attacks. The author of the bill was the United Kingdom, the resolution was adopted by 82 votes to 24. The British Ambassador to the Netherlands and the Permanent Representative to the OPCW Peter Wilson reported about in his "Twitter".
Moscow does not recognize the mandate expansion of the OPCW.

China, India and South Africa supported Kremlin’s opinion. The permanent representative of the Russian Federation under the OPCW Alexander Shulgin considers that the vote which was initiated by the West was supported by numerous delegations of island countries.

"The Cook Islands, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Saint Kitts and Nevis actively and unanimously promoted British and American theses. Gossips say that Western sponsors have paid the expenses to delegations of those island countries by actually organizing a tour to The Hague in order to ensure the necessary results, Shulgin TASS quotes. "While China, India, and South Africa acted as one with us, if you fold the population of these countries together against Russian one, it will be clear which part of humanity has opposed the harmful plans of the Western camp."

Shulgin also noted that the change of the OPCW mandate was taken in order to "bypass Russia's veto in the UN Security Council by transferring some of its functions to the OPCW."

In turn the head of the Russian delegation in The Hague, Georgy Kalamanov, said that Moscow regards the incident as an encroachment on the exclusive prerogatives of the UN Security Council. "Our Western partners are unabashedly violating the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The OPCW is engaged in purely technical activities. And what the Americans and the British are going to give the world is a prosecutor's function, an investigation function, a medical examination. There is nothing of the kind in the convention, "the statement of Shulgin FAN quotes.

At the same time, it should be noted that the London initiative to impose new functions on the OPCW risks leading to a split in the OPCW, questioning not only the basic principles of the organization but also its existence. "The Skripal case", of course, has been continued - as well as an information campaign against Russia. The only question is the appropriateness of what is happening. The situation can be compared with the "Titanic", which was hit by iceberg and began to sink. After all, unilateral decisions initiated by the West can have serious significance for the world order.