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The political consequences of one provocation

09.06.2018 09:29

Andrew Beyzer

British Prime Minister Teresa May plans to propose a plan to form a rapid response group to identify "Russia's criminal actions". This was stated by the head of the British Foreign Ministry Boris Johnson. According to him, London was forced to take such a step after revealing the consequences of an assossination attempt on the life of a former GRU employee Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, committed in early March this year.
Apparently the British government does not have enough imagination to "produce" new "sensational" information on the so-called the "Skripals case" in the absence of evidence of Russia's guilt.

The other day, British investigators said that the poison, that the Skripals had poisoned, was applied to the handles of the front door of the Skripals house a day before the poisoning. Thus, the original version of the defeat of the nerve agent the "Novichok" directly on the street near the shopping center in Salisbury is swept aside. However, such a conclusion by Scotland Yard causes even more questions and inconsistencies.

First of all, how did the poison agent get on the benches, the tables in two cafes and two dozen trees if the "Novichok" was sprayed near the Skripals house? However, this poison quickly enough was to "dissolve" in the open air.

Secondly, in addition to the Skripals a policeman was also poisoned, who first arrived at the scene of the crime. At the same time, only a day after contact with the main victims, he felt ill and was forced to seek medical help.

Thus, Theresa May no longer knows how to cover up her mediocre production of the Skripals poisoning, so she continues to distract her "initiatives" by trying to stay in her prime minister's chair. However, even British allies are beginning to understand the scheme of the London's "game", and their negative reaction does not wait. A striking example of this was the refusal of US President Donald Trump to hold bilateral talks with May at the G7 summit due to hostile personal relations. According to the British media, Trump was angry because of May's "teaching" tone towards him during their telephone conversation. Then instead of discussing important and pressing issues, she unilaterally focused on examining small political issues in the opinion of the US president, including on the increase in the sanctions pressure on Russia in the framework of the "Skripals case"...