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Will The Last Word Remain For Skripal?

30.05.2018 13:24

Andrew Beyzer

In Russia, June 14, starts the World Cup. This large-scale holiday of the most mass sport can be overshadowed by the British authorities provocations. And the main "tool" in the hands of London could be the former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, who is still in an unknown place and has not yet contacted the press. However, preparations for the forthcoming "coming out" have already begun.

The approximation of the world championship had a positive effect on the state of health, whether Sergei and Yulia Skripal, who turned out to be a global anti-Russian campaign. Now the airtime of the British media is gradually filled with laudatory odes about doctors who could literally "pull out of the world" poisoned with nerve agents.

"When we first learned that it was a nerve agent, we thought they would not survive",  an intensive care physician from the Salisbury hospital Stephen Juks said in an interview.

However, the same media mentions "feasible" help from military doctors from the military laboratory of Porton Down, located near Salisbury. With their assistance, "the source of poisoning" was promptly found, and the necessary recommendations for further treatment and recovery of the Violins were written out. Thus, TV viewers unobtrusively explained that military specialists are able to protect ordinary Englishmen even in case of a chemical attack by "aggressive Russia", which she conducted on a local scale against her former agent.

Appearance on the screens surprisingly prettier after the intervention of physicians Julia Skripal was a rehearsal of the publication of the main participant of the whole anti-Russian performance - Sergei Skripal.
Indeed, the lack of convincing evidence of Moscow's involvement in poisoning, as well as the lowering of the level of anti-Russian hysteria in Europe, compels London to come to the last "argument" - the testimony of the main victim. The British provocation in Salisbury must be urgently saved, not only to activate, because it did not accomplish all the tasks that were originally set. And the appearance on the air of a double agent with "exposing" materials can help fix the situation.

So, to restore for a short time the mirage of "transatlantic solidarity" - it was possible. Try to again expose Russia as an "aggressor" - too. But to strike a powerful blow to the 2018 World Cup - not yet. The World Cup, which claimed England, was not canceled. And they will not be canceled, but the British will try to do everything to spoil the football holiday all over the world.