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The Investigation Is Conducted By "Connoisseurs"

27.05.2018 18:43

On Thursday, May 24, the head of the Dutch National Police Investigations Department, Vilbert Paulissen, stated that the team of international investigators had concluded that the Malaysian Boeing, following the Amsterdam-Quda-Lumpur route, had been shot down by the Buk antiaircraft missile system.

According to the investigation, the BUK from the 53rd anti-aircraft brigade was transferred from russian Kursk to the territories of the Donbass that are not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. It was reported that experts after studying the wreckage of the aircraft and the details of the missile that hit him came to the conclusion that the "Buk" has a number of unique features that supposedly can only belong to Russian technology.

However, it should immediately be noted that the composition of the international investigation team does not include representatives of Russia, which already calls into question the objectivity of the results of the investigation. In addition, as part of the investigation, only the materials provided by the Ukrainian side were taken into account as the main ones, although they initially cast doubt on their reliability. At the same time, the Russian side offered to provide all the data she had about the incident, but the European colleagues showed no interest and decided to rely on their own forces. However, in due course an experiment with a missile from the Buk conducted by the Almaz-Antey Concern proved that militants could not physically knock down the Malaysian Boeing.

And suddenly, almost four years later, there was such an "unexpected" conclusion of the investigation. Apparently, not having found convincing evidence of Russia's guilt during this time, a certain group of politicians aimed at continuing the formation of the negative image of Russia in the European community. The results of the investigation team can be safely put on a par with Moscow's unjustified accusations of the "Skripal case" or a chemical attack in the Syrian Duma.

The West seeks to obtain a grateful testimony from Russia about the shipments of the anti-aircraft missile systems to which the militiamen allegedly were shot down by Boeing in order to somehow "pay back" the costs of anti-Russian propaganda. The rest of the facts, documents, evidence will no longer be perceived, since objectivity is an unnecessary rudiment in communication between Europe and Russia. Europe has long lived by the principle: if facts interfere with a favorable point of view, then this is a problem of interpreting facts, rather than their objective side.
After all, if the investigators had at least some evidence of Russia's guilt, they had long been published.