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Did Skripal exist?

21.05.2018 14:05

Andrew Beyzer

On Friday, May 18, former Colonel GRU Sergey Skripal, poisoned with a highly toxic chemical, was discharged from the hospital in Salisbury. According to doctors, his condition is assessed as satisfactory, but official statements from Skripal don't exist at the moment there. Thus, the story with his daughter Julia is repeated, when  she was isolated from the public in a hospital at a British military base immediately after discharge and now "communicates" with the outside world only through representatives of the British authorities.

With such a happy scenario it seems obvious that Sergey Skripal was supposed to address journalists with words of gratitude to British doctors who saved his life. However, by a miracle of a survivor, the former British agent is not shown even in the photo. This circumstance makes one think about the true state of Skripal and his daughter. After all, the British media the  first day after the incident in Salisbury cited facts about the "deadly" effect of the neuro-paralytic gas "Novichok", allegedly with the help of which the Skripals were poisoned. Despite this, the victims not only survived, but even went on the mend.

Against this background, the international scandal, which developed powerfully within the framework of the "Skripals case" and led in a diplomatic war with Russia, is gradually calming down. What is the reason for this situation?

The fact is that the investigations conducted in different countries after poisoning in Salisbury led to "inconvenient" results. For example, it turned out that "Novichok" was produced not only in Russia, but also in many European countries and even in the UK itself. In addition, there was information about precence of the formula receipt and samples of the neuromuscular gas by the German special services, which transmitted all available information to their British and American counterparts.

Thus, the "Skripals case" was fabricated by London with a definite purpose - to rally around itself the European countries under the aegis of counteraction to the "Russian threat". And Britain succeeded: as soon as the desired result was obtained, the need for this scandal fell away and Skripal miraculously recovered in just two months. But the question immediately arises: was there a Skrypal?