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German trace in "Skripal case"

18.05.2018 12:43

Alex Gordon

A few days ago the journalists of the German newspaper Zeit published the results of their own investigation into the incident in Salisbury. They found out that in the 1990s the German special services secretly acquired samples of the nerve agent "Novichok". Former GRU officer Sergei Skripal, who worked with British intelligence for many years, and his daughter Yulia, were poisoned by this chemical agent.

"In the 90s, German special services recruited a scientist from Russia, who was offered to transport to the West samples of a chemical war chemical to subsequently organize the industrial production of a nerve agent. The Russian scientist arrived directly at the headquarters of German intelligence near Munich, having passed through Ukraine and Austria. Apparently, his wife later brought a carefully packed sample", the head of the Joint Investigative Group of Suddeutsche Zeitung Georg Mascolo said.

The expert specified that the formula of the nerve agent "Novichok" is known to the special services of at least six countries – the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Sweden and the same Great Britain. "The statement of the British special services that only Russia has the ability to produce this poisonous substance is a blatant lie," the German analyst stressed.

Meanwhile, such a sensational statement made many politicians in Germany reject a version of the British authorities about the involvement of Russian special services in poisoning Skripal and his daughter. "The logical chain that only Russians could poison a "double agent" with a nervous agent "Novice" is now destroyed", the Social Democratic Party of Germany's membership Burkhard Lischka said.

This view is shared by the deputy chairman of the Left Party in the Bundestag André Hahn."The version of Angela Merkel's government that there is no other obvious explanation for the poisoning of Skripal is now debunked. At least one more plausible version appeared. This fact throws in shock", he said.

In addition, the representative of The Greens in the Bundestag Konstantin von Notz expressed perplexity with the actions of the German authorities. "It would be nice if the federal government informed the public in advance that Western intelligence services have a sample and the formula "Novichok", the German deputy noted.

There is a strong feeling: many skeletons are hidden in the cabinet of the German government, and the so-called the "Skripal case" is one of them. However, the secrecy's veil begins to fall – the society demands the presentation of irrefutable evidence instead of tired intrigues aimed at demonizing "insidious Russia".