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Why does Britain continue to fan the hysteria around the "Skripal case"?

15.05.2018 15:22

Stasy Dementieff

London continues hysterical attacks on Moscow around the "Skripal case," and every time it all looks more and more pointless and even comical. The last in this regard was the Director General of the Security Service of Great Britain (MI5) Andrew Parker. On May 14 he threatened Russia with "further isolation" in his speech to the European colleagues in Berlin. It was written by The Financial Times with reference to the text of the statement.

Parker believed that the Russian government was achieving its goals by "aggressive and disastrous actions by the military and intelligence services" and the poisoning of the Skripals was called "deliberate and purposeful malicious activity."

In addition, according to the publication, Parker in his speech intends to condemn the Moscow's "unprecedented levels of misinformation" after the Salisbury incident and intends to urge the EU to unite to fight the "Russian propaganda machine."

Parker also intends to urge the EU countries to "unite" with Britain in order to jointly resist "Russia's tough attempts to undermine Western democracies" and "dispel the fog of lies and half-truths" that, in his opinion, allegedly spreads "the Russian propaganda machine."

Parker used an incident with the poisoning of ex-colonel GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia as the main argument. Recall that they were found unconscious on a bench near the shopping center in Salisbury on March 4. For all this time, the authorities of the United Kingdom have not been able to provide convincing evidence of Moscow's involvement in the attempt, however, this fact did not prevent Teresa May and her political circle from publicly declaring "Russia's extremely likely fault" and expelling 150 Russian diplomats as "retribution". However, even the European London's partners are aware: the version of the Misty Albion has long been "bursting at the seams".

At the same time, the British special services persistently prefer not to see the obvious facts and continue to announce the "incredibly secret investigation of the attempt". Apparently, that's why London continues to "remain silent" and does not react to Moscow's official request to share the case materials. It can mean that there is no the reason for the investigation? Since the incident more than two months have passed and the world public has not seen any photo of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia yet - neither on the notorious bench in Salisbury or on a hospital bed.

A more logical explanation of Teresa May's actions is to use poisoning in Salisbury to distract attention from the domestic political problems of the United Kingdom. After all, negotiations on Brexit have been transformed into public humiliation. According to the most conservative estimates of the government, London will have to pay about 52 billion dollars for withdrawing from the European Union, and this sum, in all likelihood, is not the final. Independent experts, in particular, predict that the British will have to pay up to 104 billion until 2064. In addition, in the context of negotiations on Brexit, it became clear that London would have to continue to fulfill the obligations of the EU member - including, to preserve social guarantees in exchange for access to the European market. It, in particular, means the numerous of "Polish guest workers" annoying British voters.

Apparently, Theresa May and her political circle believe that the UK internal problems will become unnoticed against the background of media hysteria around the poisoning of the Skripals. However, such a way of escape from the state problems for the Foggy Albion is the most grosses mistake. But it seems that Downing Street does not realize it...