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The Skripal case: top secret of British government

07.05.2018 15:25

Alex Gordon

The British authorities' refusal to grant Russia consular access to former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia is a reason enough to regard the whole affair as abduction or intentional isolation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Italy's weekly Panorama in an interview.

"Russia is worried over the health and position of the Skripals, whom the British authorities dragged into this provocation. The British authorities’ refusal to grant consular access is a reason enough to consider the current situation as abduction or intentional isolation. This is utterly unacceptable", Lavrov said.

In addition, Lavrov once again called on London to cooperate with Moscow, recalling that on March 16 the Russian Investigative Committee filed criminal charges crime of the attempted murder.

On March 4, former GRU Colonel Sergey Skripal, convicted in Russia of spying for Britain and his daughter Yulia were affected by a nerve agent in Salisbury, if the British version of the incident is to be believed. London later alleged that the substance had been developed in Russia and blamed Moscow for the incident. Russia dismissed all speculations on that score. Both Skripals are reported to have woken up from coma. A hospital in Salisbury says that Sergei Skripal still undergoes stationary treatment and his condition is improving, while his daughter was released from hospital earlier and is recovering at an unknown place.

We can only guess where exactly the daughter of ex-colonel GRU is now. It is not excluded that the British special services keep the "double agent" and his daughter hostage, forcing them to act according to the invented political scenario.

In particular, the niece of the former British spy, Viktoria Skripal, claims that she talked with her cousin Julia at the end of April.

"She called me on the phone. We talked for 1 minute 47 seconds. I knew she was under a lot of pressure. She was saying what she was told to say", Viktiria Skripal said.

This view is shared by the Russian journalist Valentin Degterev. He processed the conversation using a special computer program. The journalist claims that he managed to hear "something amazing" after removing the noise.

According to him, an unidentified man ordered Yulia to talk not too tense during a conversation with her cousin. In addition, Skripal "slightly sobbed and coughed: this circumstance proves that Julia suffers from lung disease". A single electronic signal is also clearly audible on the conversation record.

"It could be the sounds of equipment, suggesting that the Scrappals were at a military base in the medical block, and not at the usual hospital", he said.

Neither Skripal, nor his daughter Yulia has so far given any interview to the press. This fact is most alarming in this intricate story. The world community is still lost in conjecture, and the "Skripal case" remains a well-kept secret. Either the British secret services really hide the Skripals in a safe place so that they do not blurt out too much, or the Salisbury incident — another "fake" aimed at fomenting "anti-Russian hysteria".