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Echoes of the Cold War

28.04.2018 17:00

Andrew Beyzer

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg claims that he does not doubt the UK's information about the "Russian trace" in the poisoning of the double agent Sergey Skripal. According to him, there is no reason to doubt the evidence and assessments provided by the United Kingdom in conjunction with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

This statement was made against the backdrop of the preparation of the meeting within the framework of the Russia-NATO format, at which issues of European security should be considered. Thus, on the eve of such an important event for establishing further cooperation between Moscow and Brussels, Stoltenberg did not bring cooperation issues to the agenda, but raised the issue of further confrontation.

The NATO Secretary General's statement is not unique. Before this policy of anti-Russian transatlantic solidarity expressed structures such as G7. At the same time, the same arguments that London has made about "the Skripal case" were accepted, although in fact there is no evidence base for these "facts". Representatives of various ministries and departments of the countries of the European Union also associate with London regarding the incident in Salisbury. This shows that the West is really trying to pursue a single consolidated unfriendly line towards Russia.

Thus, in the North Atlantic Alliance first of all they are guided by purely ideological considerations in the framework of the information campaign against Russia. Unfortunately, within the framework of this "hysteria" you will have to hear such statements in the future. There is nothing surprising that NATO has recently been an organization that is no longer called upon to defend the participating countries, but instead it has become a collective anti-Russian "mouthpiece" of the West.