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German deputies call for investigation into Skripal poisoning

27.04.2018 15:47

London still provided no evidence. The UK refused to comment on the report of the Suiss laboratory that the samples from Salisbury contained BZ nerve agent and its precursor. The secret part of the report of the OPCW is also carefully protected so as not to be published.

Sahra Wagenknecht, the deputy of the Left Party, wrote a Facebook post: "Transparency in the bundestag - a sad affair! … The Full report of the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) on the attack in Salisbury remains secret because of decisions by British and German governments. Even the members in the bundestag are not allowed to read it."

Germany, like many European countries, expressed the solidarity with the UK and expelled Russian diplomats. However, European politicians are doubting the plausibility of accusations against Russia.

According to Neues Deutschland, on April 9, a group of German deputies led by Sevrim Dagdelen, vice-chairman of the Left Party, requested the government to investigate the Salisbury incident. Dagdelen still considers it necessary, because the German government has solidarally sided with the UK and expelled Russian diplomats, but has not provided any substantial justification for the expulsion.

The chancellery must give an answer to Dagdelen's request on April 23. But the government demanded a deadline extension until the end of the month. On April 11 the group of deputies added 22 new questions. After that the government extended its deadline of 30 April to 14 May.

Berlin is playing for time and does not explain anything. The propaganda war against Russia has reached such a huge scale as European countries are ready to join an anti-Russian campaign until the end of the investigation. However, Europeans are through with the Salisbury incident. Thety want to see strong evidence and not to listen unfounded accusations by Theresa May and her colleagues.