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Ignoring Public Opinion

24.04.2018 16:39

Andrew Beyzer

The British media can not independently publish materials on the case of poisoning the former employee of the GRU Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia. The Salisbury incident instantly turned into an instrument of political manipulation. Under the pretext of a response to "Russia's aggression" an unprecedented anti-Russian campaign was launched. Despite the prolongation of the investigation by the British investigation and the lack of direct evidence of Russia's guilt, London continues to stir up anti-Russian hysteria, pursuing its own interests.

The British political establishment with the support of local media actively imposes public opinion on the image of the "sinister" Russia. As we know from history, such unfriendly actions on the part of London have always occurred at moments of an internal crisis in Britain. And the reasons now really suffice.

In the face of the inevitable loss of influence on European politics after the country left the European Union, the British government decided to stake on deepening cooperation with the US and from now on is seeking to lobby for Washington's interests in the European continent. In addition, the poisoning of a former Russian intelligence agent served as a pretext for the consolidation of Britain's domestic political forces around Prime Minister Theresa May. She managed to restore a few shaky positions and divert the population from domestic problems, using the thesis of the "Russian threat".

Thus, the "Skripal case" can be called a tactical move by the British government. Its main goal is to enhance the authority of Great Britain in the international arena and strengthen the positions of the current leadership. However, such a policy together with the lack of evidence can lead London to a great political fiasco and cost him not only an international reputation, but also a loss of confidence in his own people.