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From the English Salisbury to the Syrian Duma

19.04.2018 15:45

Den Makovsky

British news agency Reuters published an article which told about the scale of the chemical attack on April 7 in the Syrian city of Duma. However the publication says that all interviewed are militants who were evacuated from Eastern Ghouta to safe areas within the framework of agreements with the Syrian government. According to eyewitnesses after the chemical attack, there were many corpses with signs of poisoning on the streets. Their stories were very emotional.

In turn the official representative of the Russian MoD Igor Konashenkov said that Moscow managed to find evidence that the provocation "with the use of chemical weapons" in the Eastern Ghouta was pre-planned. It turned out that the consequences of the fake "chemical attack" were filmed in the hospital of the city of the Duma. The Russian militaries managed to find direct participants in the shooting of this video and to interview them. They are employees of the emergency department of the hospital in the city of Duma. According to the Syrians, all the victims who were taken to the hospital had no signs of poisoning. During the first medical aid unknown people ran into the hospital. Some of them were with video cameras. These people began to scream, panic and pour everybody with water, shouting that everyone in the room is hit by poisonous substances. Patients who were in the hospital and their relatives, in a panic, began to pour water on each other.

Correspondent of the TV channel Russia 24 Yevgeny Poddubny conducted his own investigation and confirmed the words of the representatives of the Russian military department. He found a Syrian boy Hassan Diab, who was represented by the "White Helmets" in a production video as a victim of the chemical attack in the city of Duma. According to the guy, he was promised food for participation in the shootings. Hassan's words were confirmed also by his father, who added that there was no chemical attack in the city.

Moreover journalists of the American television channel One America News Network visited the city of Duma and talked with the doctors of the hospital and residents of the city where the chemical attack was shot.

The US reporter said that he also managed to visit the square where the chemical attack was allegedly conducted. However, he did not find any evidence of the use of chemical weapons. Then he visited the hospital, which was under the control of the militants and went into the room which was shown in video clips and where poisoning people were allegedly brought.

Thus we can see the script that has already been applied in the case of the Skripals. The United Kingdom and other engaged countries again used "chemical weapons" as an excuse for illegal actions and inflating anti-Russian hysteria like in the case of the poisoning of double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter.