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ECHR protects terrorism

19.04.2018 15:28

Den Makovsky

Over the past few years the number of terrorist attacks has significantly increased in the world. But notwithstanding these circumstances some countries don't want to fight with international terrorism. So Europe, instead of fighting with radicals, it protects them and it is the European Court of Human Rights which play the main role in the protection of terrorists.

So, it is the ECHR that can assume responsibility for the bombings in the Istanbul Ataturk Airport, as he repeatedly defends the organizer of the terrorist attack of Chechen Ahmed Chatayev. In 2001, the terrorist miraculously escaped the prison term in Russia, after which a member of the terrorist group "Imarat Kavkaz" fled to Europe. After that the Chechen was repeatedly detained by law enforcement agencies of Sweden, Austria, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey, he again and again received freedom. Despite the Russian authorities' demand for extradition, the ECHR refused to extradite the offender, abide by the fact that he got refugee status by Austria. Are they ready now to call him a refugee, after the terrorist attack that he organized killed 44 people? And do they see a difference in the European Court of Human Rights between terrorists and refugees? How many more radicals and criminals are under their protection?

By the way the evidence that the ECHR treats terrorists loyally is based not only on the case of Ahmed Chatayev. In 2013, it was the ECHR that decided on a substantial reduction in prison terms for members of the Basque terrorist group convicted in Spain. The most notorious case concerned the terrorist Ines del Rio Prada, who was sentenced in 1989 to more than 3,800 years in prison. Then ECHR called Spain guilty of illegal detention of del Rio. Today, thanks to the efforts of the European Court of Human Rights, a terrorist involved in 20 terrorist attacks is free, and soon 600 of her like-minded people should join her. And then Spain is literally inundated with terrorists, set to split the country. And all this - under the auspices of an organization designed to protect the rights of people, and, first of all, their right to a safe life.

The terrorist Anders Breivik is another mass murderer, whose rights are also protected by the ECHR. The criminal filed a complaint, insisting that the personal of the prison where he is held violate his rights. The main reason for dissatisfaction was finding him in solitary confinement, which, in his opinion, could lead to the development of mental trauma. Currently, the appeal is pending in the human rights court. Given the abnormal loyalty of judges to the criminal community, we can assume that the claim will be considered in favor of Breivik, despite the fact that he himself caused irreparable mental injury to the relatives of his victims.