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Britain intimidated Switzerland

18.04.2018 15:56

Den Makovsky

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that there is evidence that "Noviсhok" was not be used in the "Salisbury assassination". According to him, Russian citizens were poisoned by BZ substance. The minister said about it at a meeting of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy, referring to the data of the Swiss laboratory in city of Spitz. At the same time, the examination showed that this nerve gas was produced by the Great Britain and the United States.

However Switzerland denied the statement of the Russian foreign ministry's head. The Swiss Institute for the Protection of the Population from Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Threat informed on Twitter that they did not doubt the credibility of the expertise of the British experts from the laboratory at the military base of Porton Down, which determined that it was precisely the substance of "Novichok". It turns out that the Swiss authorities do not believe their own experts or they were simply forced to hide the evidence.

Apparently London pressed on Berne to prevent the disclosure of evidence pointing to the provocative nature of the Skripal case. The British authorities throughout the investigation destroy the facts that compromise them. So the British authorities, carrying out work on the "disinfection" of public places in Salisbury to destroy material evidence. It is noteworthy that the list of "infected" places for an unknown reason has significantly expanded. In addition, despite the statements of the country's officials about the extreme toxicity of substance A-234, which "does not evaporate" and "does not disappear over time," there are no reports of new victims. According to the logic of the British, Sergeant Bailey had to be poisoned again. After all he returned to his home after discharge from the hospital.

In this regard experts have suggested that so-called disinfection, which includes the destruction of contaminated sites, is only a way to eliminate important evidence.

Thus, London continues to to draw its allies into the anti-Russian campaign wich they started. At the same time the British authorities are not afraid to fabricate the evidence clumsily, hoping for their impunity and European solidarity.