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London limits Julia Skripal

12.04.2018 13:20

British news agency Reuters reported on April 11 that the poisoned double agent's daughter Julia Skripal refused consular assistance of the Russian embassy to London. At the same time her massage was sent by the British police. Why did Julia prefer to communicate with representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission not personally but through intermediaries?

Perhaps the British police just want to secure her but highly likely she has not been ready to communicate with Russian diplomats yet. Besides special services need to hold "explanatory" talks with her before public speeches. The words of Sergei Skripal's niece Viktoria about the British authorities' denial of a visa for her demonstrate the fact that Julia is kept in an information vacuum. MI-5 employees are well aware that in such conditions it is most convenient to conduct recruitment. In addition, Victoria said that her phone conversation with cousin Julia was trying to prevent. She clarified that at the end of their dialogue with a relative it was "heard that the phone was being taken away." Moreover, the news agency The Sunday Times recently noted that the British authorities are going to provide Sergei and Yulia Skripal new documents and resettle them to the United States. London is trying to allegedly protect the double agent and his daughter from re-assassination. At the same time they don't want to take into consideration the fact that the Skrpals are citizens of the Russian Federation.

In turn representatives of the Russian Embassy to Britain stated that the secret resettlement of Russian citizens to another country is a gross violation of international law. The diplomatic mission also drew attention to the fact that the inability to communicate personally with the Skripals aggravated the situation.

Russian diplomats indicated that after the Salisbury incident, the UK refuse to follow its obligations under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. They specified that the consuls are not allowed to the victims who are citizens of Russia and also have not given any information about their condition which could be checked.

Thus London actually illegally jails the citizen of the Russian Federation Julia Skripal. Her communication with the staff of the Russian embassy through British intermediaries can not confirm the veracity of her wishes and only proves the fact of limiting her rights and freedoms. The UK is trying in every possible way to obstruct the international investigation and hides evidence that could help find the truth in the scandalous case of the Violins. In addition the British authorities completely ignore Moscow's proposals to conduct a joint investigation of the assassination attempt. It is likely that the crime was organized by the British special services in order to discredit the Russian Federation and it is quite logical in the framework of anti-Russian information war.