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Theresa May whips up anti-Russian hysteria

11.04.2018 11:54

Sergei Skripal, a former Russian double agent,remains in the hospital, but his condition is “improving rapidly,” said his doctor. Yulia Skripal was discharged late Monday from a hospital and taken to a secure location, her doctors said Tuesday. Meanwhile, the investigation into investigation into the Salisbury incident makes no progress. London can not prove Moscow's involvement in the Skripal poisoning.

The British allies analyze the effect of the expulsion of Russian diplomats. They wonder why they joined the anti-Russian campaign initiated by London, because Theresa May’s allegations against Russia were not confirmed.

British Prime Minister says for certain that Moscow is responsible for the Salisbury incident. "There's no plausible explanation other than Russia was responsible. No other country has a combination of the capability, the intent and the motive to carry out such an act," May said on Monday in Copenhagen after talks with Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen. But her allegations are unfounded, and May will have to make excuse. The UK will have to apologize to Russia for its “mad accusations” that “have no foundation whatsoever,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. He added that London will have to account for its claims before its allies, who have evicted scores of Russian diplomats in a show of solidarity.

The Scripal case is similar to the Watergate scandal and it can endanger further political career of Theresa May. However, she is not going to give up anti-Russian rhetoric. The British media warn that Russian cyberattacks on the UK are increasing. According to journalists, this is a way for Moscow to divert attention from the investigation of the Skripal poisoning and disrupt the functioning of British public authorities.

London continues to discredit its geopolitical opponents, as it has no evidence of Moscow’s involvement in the Salisbury incident. The UK sees Russia as a rival and a target for this kind of provocation. However, in the face of international tensions the anti-Russian campaign initiated by Theresa May can lead to unpredictable consequences.