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Inconvenient evidences

10.04.2018 15:33

According to the British media, on Monday 9 April the daughter of Sergey Skripal Yulia was sign out the hospital. Her father still remains in the hospital, but at the same time quickly goes on to pull round. In addition, there was evidence that the UK authorities had taken Julia to a safe place, preventing her from meeting with representatives of the Russian embassy. This means that London seeks to hide from the public the main victims and limit their communication with the outside world. After all, their testimony can bring new facts into the investigation of the incident and destroy all the intricacies of the British investigation.

Moreover, the British authorities intend to completely demolish the house of a double agent in Salisbury, as well as the pub "The Mill" and the restaurant "Zizzi", which Sergey Skripal and his daughter visited on the day of their poisoning. These plans to demolish buildings related to the "Skripal case" point to the fact that Britain has embarked on the path of destroying important and valuable evidence. And the British officials explained their actions by cheapness in comparison with the search and elimination of the consequences of the poisoning substance of the class "Novichok".

This approach to the investigation of the incident indicates that the British side is doing everything possible to prevent the appearance of new facts. The UK does not provide any information on the progress of the investigation and consistently blocks access of Russian specialists to such evidence as samples of the nerve agent used in Salisbury.

Thus, it may appear that the British government is deliberately trying to destroy all possible evidence, to categorize all remaining materials and thereby to exclude the possibility of an independent and transparent investigation. Such a course can only undermine the authority of Britain and inflict an even greater blow to her international prestige.