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"Russian clouds" over the London sky

03.04.2018 18:28

On March 4, former Colonel GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia found unconscious in the center of Salisbury. After this incident the British authorities launched a large-scale information campaign against Russia, unsubstantially accusing her of using nerve agent A-234 "Novichok" in the territory of the United Kingdom.

Charges began to sound until the moment when the primary information about the used substance could appear. In addition, the British investigation almost every week finds new facts, allegedly proving the involvement of Moscow in the "Skripal case". So, last week London said that the poisoning occurred not in a public place, but in the territory of his house. To this conclusion, the investigation came after the analysis of the substance found at the entrance door. Based on these facts, the investigating authorities came to the conclusion that an attempt of this kind could only be carried out by a specially trained person (or a group of persons). And this supposedly proves the complexity of the operation, which, probably, was approved by the Kremlin.

Thus, the UK uses a simple scheme. When London does not have any evidence, it uses words like "like", "probably", "possibly". This demonstrates all the signs of provocation against Russia, because if there were even the slightest evidence of involvement of the Kremlin's hands in this story, they would have been made public long ago.

This story with the poisoning of Skrypal fits well into the long-standing strategy of information campaigns against Russia. Moscow was also justifiably grounded in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko in London, shot down on the territory of Ukraine, made certain war crimes in Syria. All these unfounded accusations are always deliberately accompanied by scandals and provocations against Russia.

We must understand that the entire anti-Russian strategy fits into a certain logic. The poisoning of Skrypal occurred on the eve of the presidential elections in Russia and the World Cup in June. The main purpose of this provocation is the maximum discrediting of Moscow and the desire to prevent the arrival of a large number of fans and high officials from all over the world to the tournament. Therefore, we have to state that an information war has been unleashed against Russia, and new "reasons" for her continuation will appear at every opportunity.