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Innocence of London

30.03.2018 16:01

Sergey Artyukhin

Ex-Colonel GRU Sergei Skripal and his daughter were found on a bench in in unconsciousness in the British Salisbury on March 4. London immediately accused Moscow of involvement in the assassination attempt and the use of a neuron-paralytic substance on the territory of the United Kingdom, but so far the investigating authorities have not provided any evidence. At the same time, the camera records from the scene of the crime were seized and not attached to the case, and they could fix the poisoner. This means that the most interesting is left behind. But the police for some reason does not focus on this.

However, the British authorities launched a large-scale information campaign against Russia instead of an objective investigation. They even managed to coerce part of the European countries to expel Russian diplomats. They use the standard image of "evil and treacherous" Russians and talk about their impunity in the territory of the United Kingdom to manipulate public opinion. Such a theatrical effect and hysteria in the media may indicate one thing - the desire to hide the real facts about the assassination attempt on the Skripal.

So, the deputy of the party "True Finns", ex-Commissioner of the Helsinki Police Tom Pakkalen believes that the British version of Moscow's guilt of poisoning Sergei Skripal is misinformation. He noted that all traitors needed exactly to use them once again as a propaganda effect.

"The presumption of innocence is the basis of the Western legal system. The matter is unclear. First we need to investigate everything. These facts do not convince me, and therefore I believe that Finland's decision to expel the diplomat is absolutely idiotic", Pakkalen summed up.

Thus, what is happening in the UK is more and more like a thoughtful scenario and indicates that the British special services were primarily interested in the attempt on Skripal. The reasons for the attempted murder of the ex-colonel are worth looking for in the eight-year period of his stay in the territory of the United Kingdom. But while the police publishes only selected personnel, given that there is reason to believe that it has much more information, but does not hurry to share it. Perhaps, because this information does not coincide with the official version, which London announced to the whole world without preliminary investigation.