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The Incident in Salisbury is a Provocation against Russia

27.03.2018 18:38

The issue of poisoning the British spy ex-colonel GRU Sergei Skripal has not ceased in the European media for several weeks. The mysterious incident that occurred in the British, first formed the agenda of the EU summit held in Brussels, and then became the reason for the expulsion of Russian diplomats from a number of European countries.

British Prime Minister T. May accused the Kremlin of poisoning Skripal without waiting for the outcome of the investigation, and without providing any evidence. The European and American media published hundreds of articles on the assassination of a British spy. They all come to the conclusion that the Salisbury incident is a provocation directed specifically against Russia.

For example, the senior researcher of the European Council on Foreign Relations K. Liik believes that "President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin did not have motives to assassinate S. Skripal. More over it is foolishly for Moscow to use the compromising poison because this fact would directly aim at Russian involvement in assassination.

Similar opinion was expressed by retired Brigadier-General of French intelligence Dominique Delavard, ex-head of the Situation Center for Electronic Intelligence of the French Ministry of Defense.

"Is it reasonable to assume that Putin, 16 days before the election of the President of the Russian Federation, unexpectedly decided to assassinate the former spy? Putin personally freed the violinist from prison in 2010, and the information that he possessed does not pose a threat to Russia. Especially considering that this will provoke a wave of political and media hysteria from abroad with respect to his country ... So, why do you choose such an inopportune moment? My answer is no: the version about Russia's involvement in this crime does not deserve any credence and totally discredits those who defend it, "Gen. Delaward said in an interview with the French magazine "Engagement".

There is no doubt that the mysterious incident in the British Salisbury is a well-planned occasion for discrediting the authority of Russia in the international arena.