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The Intimidation of the Shrew

27.03.2018 18:29

Sergey Artyukhin

International hysteria continues about the poisoning of former GRU officer Sergei Skripal for two weeks. It followed by unfounded accusations against Russia by the British authorities. During this time many versions of the motives of Moscow and even Vladimir Putin personally were voiced. However, some "speakers" voice the standard for "sinister Russia" option – this is murder for the sake of intimidation.

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said that the poisoning of Skripal is Putin's signal to all potential defectors that such a traitor is waiting for. His words were instantly supported by the fugitive Chechen terrorist Ahmed Zakayev, who compared the Salisbury incident to the murder of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko. According to Zakayev, he was listed in the "enemies of Russia" and eliminated by Russian special services on the Putin's direct order.

However, if we use the main version of revenge for a double agent on the part of Russia, then a lot of inconsistencies arise. Firstly, such an international conflict is absolutely unprofitable for Moscow on the eve of the presidential elections in Russia and the World Cup. Secondly, if it were a military poisonous substance, the victims would be more and killed n that place. Thirdly, there was no point in killing Skripal "in an artisanal way", besides, in terms of impurities in the poison gas it is possible to trace the country of origin of this substance. Fourthly, Russia did not have the motives to poison her former agent, because he did not pose any threat to the Russian security.

Thus, if you carefully examine the circumstances of the poisoning of Skripal, it becomes clear that this was a deliberate provocation. First of all, it is used by Great Britain as an excuse for aggravating relations with Russia and using additional sanctions against her. Against this background, the attempt of London's representatives to present Moscow as an "avenger" looks ridiculous. At the same time, it's very interesting that there is a secret chemical laboratory in the vicinity of Salisbury. In vicinity of this military base a whole series of mysterious deaths of scientists took place, directly related to its defense developments. Also in Salisbury the Soviet defector and microbiologist Vladimir Pasechnik mysterious died and then no one blamed Russia ... is it a coincidence?