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Theresa May fears that the EU can establish relations with Russia

26.03.2018 19:24

Alexander Belov

British news agency Reuters on Monday published an article in which quotes as saying the Secretary of Defense of UK Gavin Williamson that patience was wearing thin with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He also noted that the world rallied in the face of "Russian aggression". However, it is necessary to understand how fair the English official's conclusions.

The EU countries on Friday truly agreed that it is necessary to increase pressure on Russia. Moreover, US President Donald Trump promised to think about a possible response to "Russian aggression" against Britain. Most likely, London's allies only demonstrate their solidarity. They perfectly remember how, at a difficult moment, Albion decided to abandon Europe and announced Brexit. Therefore, they are unlikely to act at a loss to themselves for the sake of supporting a country that betrayed the values of the EU.

The European countries even before the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the union terminate cooperation in many areas. For example, the EU plans to exclude London from the multibillion-dollar joint project named Galileo to create the European Space Agency's satellite navigation system. Moreover, the British government led by Teresa May still can not decide on the terms of Brexit. All these circumstances seriously undermine relations between the UK and the European Union. In connection with this, London fears that Vladimir Putin, elected for the next presidential term, will launch a campaign to establish cooperation with the EU countries. If successful, there is the possibility that Russia will become a more promising partner for Europe than the United Kingdom.

Under these circumstances, the attempt on the ex-employee of the GRU Sergey Skripal was an excellent occasion for London to disrupt the process of restoring relations between Moscow and Brussels. In this case, the inadequate inflation of the Skripal case is explained in the absence of direct evidence and the ardent appeal of the British leadership to the European community to show maximum solidarity in the fight against the "Russian threat".

However, even in the British government itself, there are people who believe that the policy pursued by Theresa May is destructive. So, the Labor Party leader J.Corbin believes that London should interact with Moscow, despite the "probable involvement" of Russia in poisoning the Russian defector. The head of the parliamentary opposition of the United Kingdom stressed that relations between countries should not cease.