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Turkish media: British authorities are involved in the poisoning of Skripal

25.03.2018 18:37

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, it has been almost 30 years. However, some Western politicians continue to use the political stamps of that time and, by inertia, at any convenient opportunity seek to resurrect the image of the long-lost "evil empire".

London did not have time to forget the story of polonium poisoning by former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko, as there was an even more scandalous incident: ex-GRU officer Sergei Skripal was found unconscious along with daughter Julia on a bench in Salisbury. They are still in a coma with suspicion of poisoning with nerve agents allegedly of Russian origin.

The reaction to this incident was immediately followed by British Prime Minister Theresa May. Before she could wait for the official investigation of the incident, she accused Moscow of attacking the United Kingdom and initiated the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats, and also called for solidarity all the countries of the European Union in order to jointly resist the "Russian threat". However, against the backdrop of this anti-Russian campaign, the main question remains: who benefits from this hysteria?

Journalists and experts of the Turkish media tried to answer it. Thus, the observers of the newspaper "Turkey" in their article note the connection between the active information campaign against Russia and the implementation of the "Turkish Stream" project. In their view, the laying of a Russian pipeline to Turkey could lead to economic losses for the UK, which seeks to lessen the dependence of European states on gas supplies from Russia. After all, if the gas hub on Turkey's border with the EU is built, the initiatives of London and Warsaw to block the "Nord Stream-2" will not bring the expected result, and Russian gas will be delivered to the countries of the European Union along the "southern corridor".

In addition, according to the director of the Institute of Russian Studies Professor Salih Yilmaz, the British government and financiers in London are afraid of the Russian leadership's initiative to provide "fluent Russian oligarchs" with a "financial amnesty", and the latest events were staged by the British authorities as an attempt to protect their interests in preserving the assets of Russian businessmen in the country. They really have something to lose - according to financial analysts, the volume of investments by Russian citizens is about 100 billion US dollars.

Experts of another Turkish newspaper "Birgun" noted on this occasion that the United Kingdom became the center "for laundering dirty money", while the British justice is not interested in the origin of financial resources. In addition, journalists focus on the strange coincidence of the time between the "assassination" on Sergei Skripal and the subsequent pressure on Russia and requests from Russian investigative authorities to arrest and return "money stolen by oligarchs".

Representatives of the Turkish media conclude that Britain is directly involved in the history of poisoning the former Russian agent. Unfortunately, London's financial interests proved to be more important than preserving the country's international reputation. After all, sooner or later, as in the story of the famous "test tube" of US Secretary of State Colin Powell, the truth will also be revealed for this inept staging. In the meantime, the Western media continue to prejudice the investigation of the "Skripal case" and demonize the image of Russia and her leadership. However, the past elections of the Russian president proved that no provocations can prevent Moscow from realizing her political strategy and only convince her of the treachery of Western partners...