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Olympic Games about to collapse because of the US

29.12.2017 10:54

Less than two months before the start of the Olympics, the International Olympic Committee decided to exclude the Russian national team from participating in the Games. Obviously, the IOC took this decision under colossal US pressure. High-ranking sports officials dealt a serious blow to the image of the Olympics: after all, one of the strongest teams in the world will not participate in the Games. Many experts believe the Pyeongchang Olympics probably are in jeopardy.

Today, no one has much doubt that the IOC Executive Board has taken a political decision with regard to the Russian national team, including directed against Vladimir Putin just before the start of the presidential campaign. This decision clearly fits both into the logic of the hybrid war that the West declared to Russia, and to the logic of the interests of mafias in big sport, which were on the verge of exposure and accused Russia of everything. Fortunately for the United States, Russian sports officials themselves gave an occasion to attack.

 However, this is the hundred and fifth time I'm not going to justify very obvious thesis.  I want to draw the reader's attention to such a side of the precedent with the humiliation of the Russian Olympians, which has no direct relationship either to politics, or to the law, or to the health of athletes. I mean the moral side of the IOC position.

I remind the reader that in the Olympic Charter in the Fundamental Principles of Olympism in two of the seven paragraphs it is said about the inadmissibility of discrimination of athletes on any basis. Alas, not only these two, but all seven points of the Charter are violated by IOC officials.

Russia was accused of having created at the state level a system that hides or even prescribes the use of doping by athletes. But this is not the main thing. The story of the decision of the IOC Executive Board on the disqualification of the Russian Olympic Committee, which has no factual basis, is based not on evidence or judicial decisions, but on falsifications and outright lies, which is being described in considerable detail by both Russian and Western media. And this story is from the same series as the "shooting of  Maidan by Yanukovych", "a shell  from the Russian Buk surface-to-air missile at the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over the Donbas," "air strikes of  Russian Aerospace Forces on Aleppo", "Russian hackers" in the presidential election in USA, etc. All these information attacks are built on the desire to weaken Russia as a geopolitical opponent.

It is now clear that it was Yanukovych's enemies shot the "Heavenly hundred" in Kiev. It becomes clear that the Ukrainian military shot down the Malaysian Boeing. Even some American experts have acknowledged that the peaceful neighborhoods in Syrian cities actually bomb the US Air Force. Finally, The US failed in an attempt to commit a coup in FIFA, moreover, the Democrats failed to convince the world of Russia's interference in the American elections.

Perhaps in less than a year the world will learn the truth about provocations against Russia in the IOC and WADA. The triumphant of the Pyrrhic victory over the Russian team will be sent to the "well-deserved rest" (as happened with Victoria Nuland, Catherine Ashton and other politicians who supported the Maidan in Kiev) or are isolated, as happened with witnesses of real events on the Maidan and the operation to crash the Malaysian Boeing. In the meantime, Russia intends to withstand another attack by US officials and their puppeteers.

Of course, this is not easy. After all, the utilitarian interest of doping dealers coincided with the Russophobic sentiments of American politicians and with the interests of many sports federations "tired" of defeats from Russian athletes.

Principles of Olympism - an empty sound for the international sports mafia. The main thing for them today is money. That is why IOC officials voted together for a decision that contradicts the principles of the Olympic movement (to be devoid of politics).

There are no strangers in this mafia. All their own, well-fed.  Officials of the IOC receive a decent salary and various bonuses. As for WADA, this structure is the most important element not only of American sports industry, but also of political influence. It is known that most WADA leaders are representatives of NATO countries.

So, for the sake of salaries and personal utilitarian prosperity, Thomas Bach and his colleagues seem ready for anything: lies, fraud and even racism. And personally I have no doubt that the decision of the IOC Executive Board is not just immoral, but segregational in nature.

I see this element in the IOC position in the fact that the officials of this organization divided the Russian athletes into "clean" and "unclean" ones. And they divided them at their own discretion: some athlete does not like to them, he is a real competitor to American athletes, hence - "unclean", ready to be loyal to the US, hence - "clean".

Such a policy is already yielding results. According to the head coach of the Russian Paralympic team Irina Gromova, many foreign sportsmen are glad that the strong Russian team is not participating in the Olympics. The reason is the desire to get those medals traditionally won by Russian athletes. "It turns out, for them, the main thing is victory at any cost, and they are ready to step over honor, dignity and friendship," Gromova said.

I have to state: the principles of Olympism are crossed out by commercial interests - the desire to make money on the broadcasts of the matches, advertising, medicine,   etc. And anyone who does not fit into the "modern" pro-American commercial schemes is excluded by Washington (as it is today with the Russian team) from the sports industry.

In such a situation, the moral basis of sport becomes extremely important. In the case of the exemplary punishment of obstinate Russia - moral support from those who are close and dear to the principles of Olympism.

Do you remember the Belarusian official and former sportsman Andrei Fomochkin, who carried the Russian flag at the Maracana stadium at the opening of the Paralympic Games in Rio? I believe that this is an action by a person who considers it necessary to express his position based not on profit, but on a sense of justice. And it was a male and human act during the last Olympics.

Today, there are more such actions. Many Russian athletes refuse to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics for reasons of principle. Some foreign athletes say words of support to Russian colleagues. Legendary Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Bjoerndalen said he would believe in the guilt of Russians only when he sees real evidence. At the official level, Armenia and Serbia have already expressed their support for the Russian team.

So, just one day after the notorious decision of the IOC, the National Olympic Committee of Armenia and the Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs of the Republic of Armenia issued a joint statement in support of the Russian Olympians. And it's not just that the Armenian Olympic Committee has shown solidarity with Russian athletes. In fact, Armenians stood up for the principle of fair-play, which was trampled by the executive committee of the IOC. And that means a lot.

What prevents any other country from taking a similar position? What prevents the Russian officials themselves from embarking on a tough moral defense?

These questions are rhetorical. The answers to them are known. The collapse of the system of traditional morality is necessary for those who want to destroy the current world order in their favor. Neither more nor less.