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Stoltenberg: NATO Seeks To Develop Military Cooperation with Russia

07.12.2017 17:27

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that the North Atlantic alliance has begun working to restore contacts with Russia through military channels. He said this on Wednesday, December 6, at a press conference in Brussels.

«After a long period without any use of the military lines of communications, those lines are now being used, both by the Chairman of the Military Committee Petr Pavel and by SACEUR Curtis Scaparrotti. And they are both looking into how they can make sure that these lines are functioning and in place», Stoltenberg said.

According to the secretary general, the initiative to restore contacts on the military line was put forward during the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council. By its movement towards the Russian Federation, the alliance wants to achieve greater security in the airspace over the Baltic Sea.

In relations between the two sides, it is important that they inform each other in time about the drills, as this helps create greater transparency and predictability. Because in the case when there is increased military activity, the risks increase, and it is important to prevent accidents, the general secretary of the bloc believes.