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Prime Minister of Japan: It Is Necessary To Create Conditions Under Which The DPRK Itself Will Ask For Negotiations

21.11.2017 12:38

The DPRK itself must ask for the negotiating table and for this it is necessary to create appropriate conditions. This opinion, speaking on Tuesday in Parliament, was expressed by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

"Using pressure and various means, it is necessary to create conditions under which North Korea itself will ask for negotiations," he stressed. The head of the Japanese government also noted that his country will continue close cooperation with the international community on the North Korean problem, including cooperation with the United States, South Korea, Russia and China.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump at a meeting of his cabinet said that the US administration had decided to re-enable the DPRK to be included in the list of sponsors of terrorism, prepared by the State Department. The Japanese government, led by Prime Minister Abe, supported this step, however, the Minister of Defense of the country, Itunori Onodar, noted that in this connection, it is impossible to exclude the possibility that Pyongyang could take new provocative actions.

The tension on the Korean peninsula is maintained due to the active development of the DPRK nuclear missile program, as well as the US-South Korean military maneuvers. In July, the DPRK twice tested ballistic missiles, on August 29 and September 15, carried out two more rocket launches that flew over the territory of Japan, and on September 3 announced the successful testing of the hydrogen charge. The UN Security Council sharply tightened the regime of international sanctions against the DPRK in this connection.