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Russia expands its naval presence

02.11.2017 13:08


The Russian military presence in the oceans has been restored. This was stated by the commander of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Korolev.

In an interview to the newspaper "Red star" Korolev said: "The Navy, as a fleet of sea power, has re-established its presence in the World ocean. In the far and sea areas there are over 100 ships of all four fleets".

The main goal of the Russian naval presence is to ensure the "security interests of the country and maintain stability in the face of constant threats on the sea."

It should be noted expanding that the very geography of presence of the Russian Navy and increasing the duration of sea voyages.

Among the recent strategic changes in the Russian Navy commander pointed out the creation of the operational command in the Arctic zone and of the permanent operative naval unit in the Mediterranean sea.

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