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Poland Is Tools of Information War against Russia

20.09.2017 16:52

Since the beginning of the local conflict in the southeast of Ukraine, the situation in the sphere of regional security has changed significantly. In NATO activities, the desire to build up military power at the borders of Russia and Belarus from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland has become more pronounced. In parallel with the deployment of military contingents, a propaganda machine was activated, designed to provide information support to NATO's plans in the region.

At the same time, NATO's information warfare, led by the United States, uses high-ranking officials of the above-mentioned states. And the most surprising is that all these politicians are ready to perform the role of puppets, despite the fact that they act at the expense of the national interests of their countries.

For example, former Polish Deputy Prime Minister Tomasz Siemonyak, "on the air of the Polish Radio" expressed concern about the joint strategic exercises of Russia and Belarus "West-2017", calling on the world states to be more vigilant. "Do not forget that next to NATO borders are a state that sometimes does not hesitate to use force. It is necessary to closely monitor the progress of the exercises and draw long-term conclusions", said Semonyak.

At the same time, such a policy can, finally, turn out to be significant problems for Poland, including an economic one. After all, as is known, Russia and Belarus are the main importers of Polish goods and services. As a result, it turns out that Poland, to the detriment of its interests, must follow the US-imposed policy to counter the alleged "Russian" and now "Belarusian threats".

However, the Polish people have already paid too high price, participating in the geopolitical games of Washington in Europe. Warsaw suffered millions of losses when it was dragged into the sanctions war against Russia. The Polish government has to save on the social sphere, since NATO is constantly increasing its budget and is collecting more and more money from the member countries of the military bloc. And now the Polish people should consider Belarus nation as enemy. Is membership in NATO worth such sacrifices? The answer is obvious ...