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Arctic ice in the minds of American journalists

15.09.2017 12:17

Recently, in the "60 Minutes" program, the CBS television re-broadcasted the October 2, 2016 story. It covered the teaching of the US Navy ICE X 2016. Much of the program was built on the anti-Russian rhetoric of the American General Philip Breedlove, who at that time was the commander-in-chief of NATO forces in Europe.

However, this step can hardly be called far-sighted. First, re-publication discredits employees and management from a professional point of view - in fact, they did not bring anything new to the issue of developing the Arctic territories. And the second, and, most certainly, the most important - journalists from the US did not even bother to check the materials they disseminated for reliability.

Undoubtedly, we are talking about the general himself. Indeed, in 2016, Philip Breedlove, called Russia an "existential threat" to the United States and its allies in an article in the magazine Foreign Affairs. In addition, he has repeatedly stated that Russia is striving for world domination and for this purpose intends to challenge the US. However, such statements fit well with the desire of the American media to demonize Russia and its activities on the world arena in all possible ways, including information. However, officials responsible for the plot's release of the CBS channel did not take into account Breedlove's statement after resigning from the post of NATO's commander in chief in Europe.

"We want to see a single, free, prosperous Europe: Prosperity is very important for security, and it can solve the refugee issue by improving the economy and standart of living. I'm not an economist, I'm an engineer, but from my point of view, Europe's prosperity will be easier if Russia is part of this process" he said speaking at the Atlantic Council in Washington at a conference on Russia. At the same time, he added that the United States should begin to create "quality channels of communication with the Russian Federation" with all determination. At the end of his speech, Breedlove expressed the hope that in the near future there will be an opportunity to build relations with Moscow, as they say, "from scratch."

Speaking about the so-called "Russian threat" in the Arctic, one should remind our American colleagues once again that the Russian military bases in the Arctic are located on its own territory, equipped with defensive weapons and can not be used for aggressive purposes. Moscow legally has the right to control the Northern Sea Route in this way, since most of it passes through the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, where it is possible to limit the passage of foreign vessels. The Article 234 of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea should also be mentioned. In particular, it states that coastal States may apply national laws within the exclusive economic zone in areas prone to ice cover to ensure their environmental safety. This article, by the way, is actively used by Canada, which controls the movement of foreign transport in its exclusive economic zone in the Arctic. But the American media prefer not to talk about this.

Thus, CBS journalists show their complete ignorance - not only with respect to the statements of the leadership of the North Atlantic alliance, but also in matters of Russia's foreign policy in the polar latitudes. The materials broadcast on the air do not correspond to the current state of affairs and demonstrate the complete bias of the western "sharks of the pen" in covering really serious world problems. However, such a superficial approach of American colleagues does not surprise anyone.