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Ukraine against peace

The proposal to introduce UN peacekeeping mission in Ukraine has been met with agonizing anger

08.09.2017 17:48

The proposal of Vladimir Putin to introduce peacekeepers into the Donbass became one of the most discussed topics in Ukraine.

It is especially magnified by the fact that Pyotr Poroshenko had previously advocated peacekeepers in the southeast of the country, and now suddenly he is against it.

Russian suggestion is that "Blue Helmets" should divide the conflicting parties. And Kiev says that no one should be divided, and the UN mission should work on the border of Russia and Ukraine. But what should it do there? The initiative of Russia was supported in Germany and France. Will Europeans be able to use their influence on the official authorities of Ukraine?

Moscow's proposal seems to have been unexpected for European politicians, although it turned out that negotiations on this matter went on for several months. And the words of the Russian president are perceived as a step towards peace in Ukraine and as a consequence a step towards the lifting of sanctions.

The Foreign Ministry of Germany said that Russia should organize a truce in Ukraine. Further comments revealed that German officials have long been demanding that the Kremlin submit a question to the UN on the introduction of a peacekeeping contingent to Ukraine.

Thus Kiev put forward a number of requirements for blue helmets. First, the Russian military should not participate. Secondly, peacekeepers should not be on the line of demarcation between Ukraine and the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, that is, where the conflict takes place, but instead should "protect" Ukraine from Russia.

The meaning of the UN missions is to stop the bloodshed, to divide the conflicting parties. After all, how many did not agree before about armistice, and shelling does not stop.

Thus, it becomes clear that President Poroshenko is not interested in a real peaceful settlement of the conflict. He is only trying to heat it up it to continue to exist as a lever for imposing sanctions against Russia.

The Kiev authorities are well aware that if the peacekeepers are introduced, both people's republics will demand at least a federalization, and, most likely, complete separation from Ukraine.

If peacekeepers bring a fragile peace to the south-east of Ukraine, Kiev will have to fulfill the second part of the Minsk agreements. That is, to comply with the provisions of the law on the special status of the Donbass and announce elections in the region. And this would be no longer be appealing to either the radical nationalists and many supporters of Poroshenko.