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Russia Slowly but Surely Putting an End to the American Empire – New Zealand Expert

05.09.2017 13:54

Russia is slowly but surely nabbing small but significant pieces of the American empire, Darius Shahtahmasebi, the New Zealand political analyst, said. In his opinion, not only did Russia foil the US military establishment's plan to dominate Syria by inserting its military in the country and setting up a no-fly-zone of its own, but Russia is also acquiring pieces of the global chessboard through other means.

For example, Turkey, a NATO member, was for some time one of the heaviest backers of the Syrian opposition in their attempt to overthrow the Syrian government. However, the Turkish government is now working closely with both Tehran and Moscow to secure a de-escalation process. It is likely that Turkey will be ceasing its support for large elements of the Syrian opposition.

"Where is the United States during all of this? Practically nowhere to be seen, to put it simply. Unsurprisingly, Turkey even expressed its desire to join a security bloc dominated by Russia and China, snubbing the EU and NATO in the process", the political expert stressed.

Besides, the political analyst pointed out Russia now also has a strong presence in Libya, an oil-rich country the Washington helped destabilize in 2011 to prevent its leader from independently enriching the African region independent of the United States and NATO powers. Russia has provided political and military assistance to Libyan General Khalifa Haftar, who controls a significant chunk of Libyan territory. Moscow is also involved in the diplomatic settlement between Haftar and the Unites States-backed Libyan government and has been attempting to create good relations with parties on both sides of the conflict.

"And one cannot talk about Libya without mentioning Egypt, another country in the region with which Russia has strengthened ties. Russia and Egypt are also improving their ties in relation to trade and economic cooperation and have been holding joint naval drills and military exercises over the past few years. Further, Russia has deployed its own Special Forces in Egypt with a specific eye on the Libyan conflict", Darius Shahtahmasebi said.

In addition, Moscow significantly strengthened its position in South America, the expert recalled. Finally, Russia holds a leading position in BRICS, an informal unification of countries that can overthrow American power in the world.

"This development of events suggests that Russia slowly but surely putting an end to the American Empire", the political expert concluded.