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North Korean Crisis Can Help Normalize Russian-U.S. Relations

31.08.2017 18:23

Despite worsening relations between Moscow and Washington, North Korea's growing nuclear program poses significant challenges for both countries, which may create an opportunity for Russia and the United States to cooperate in finding a resolution to the problem. This opinion is shared by the American political expert Daniel R. DePetris.

According to him, such a way is not totally excluded despite the "war of words" between the two countries, and as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson suggested recently: "Perhaps we are seeing our pathway to sometime in the near future having some dialogue".

In his opinion, once this bilateral process has begun, Russia can play a productive role – as it sought to do last month after the North Korean ICBM tests – to galvanize multilateral discussions on mechanisms to facilitate comprehensive negotiations. As it did in the previous format of the Six Party Talks, a working group on peace and security mechanisms for Northeast Asia could be convened under Russian auspices. It can both monitor and capitalize on the results of bilateral agreements and discuss further multilateral steps.

In the long run, such development of events is not impossible as long as the parties face reality and the facts, the analyst said.