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Trump Declines to Single Out Russia as Security Threat

30.08.2017 18:04

President of the United States Donald Trump declined an opportunity to call out Russia as a security threat, saying instead that he considers "many countries threats".

Later, Trump said that it would be beneficial for the U.S. to have a better relationship with Russia, in order to ensure "world peace".

"I hope that we do have good relations with Russia. I say it loud and clear, I have been saying it for years. I think it's a good thing if we have great relationships, or at least good relationships, with Russia", Trump said.

"I believe someday that will happen. It's a big country, it's a nuclear country. I think that's very good for world peace and other things ", he added.

The U.S. leader has repeatedly voiced a desire for improved relations with Moscow, and has often spoken admirably of Russian President Vladimir Putin.