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Poland dreams of blaming Russia again

30.08.2017 17:52

In 2010, on approaching the Smolensk-Severny airport, the presidential liner Tu-154 crashed, with Polish leader Lech Kaczynski and 95 others on board. All of them were sent to the mourning events in Katyn, but a dense fog caused the plane to fall. All the Tu-154 passengers were killed.

It is known that the pilot of the liner contacted the employees of the airport, who did not advise him to land the aircraft in conditions of almost zero visibility, but he took the fatal decision to go into the landing.

Immediately after the news of the incident, the Polish side blamed Moscow for the crash, without waiting for the results of the investigation. However, Warsaw still denies the version of the accident and refuses to acknowledge the pilot's mistake.

After some time, Russian and Polish experts conducted the necessary work to find out the causes of the Tu-154 crash and agreed that the aircraft flew into a tree, and the left wing was destroyed. This version was confirmed unanimously by both sides. However, now, seven years later, Warsaw is "pleased" with new findings, according to which the wing of the plane "collapsed before collision with the birch", which indicates its explosion. It is worth noting that no one has conducted additional ballistic and explosive technical expertise.

So, many European experts repeatedly raised the question, why blame the Russians? For example, the former head of the government commission for the investigation of aircraft incidents Machey Lasek noted that the version of the explosion aboard the presidential liner has absolutely no grounds and confirmations. Experts-pyrotechnics several times took samples of the wing and carefully examined them in the laboratory. There were no traces of the explosion.

At the same time, everyone knows that the Smolensk-North airport was not suitable for receiving civilian flights, being, in fact, a test range. The other plane loaded with the personal cars of Polish officials, who earlier made an attempt to land on it, left for another place where it landed safely.

Now Warsaw once again declares a "victory" in the case of the Tu-154 crash. The head of the Polish nationalist party, "Right and Justice", Yaroslav Kaczynski (brother of the deceased president), said that Poland "won the search for truth" in the Smolensk disaster, thus completely ignoring the conclusions of international experts.