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US Unleashes a "Cold War" with Russia – American Expert

25.08.2017 17:30

Russian-American relations today can be described by Kennan’s phrase: "a new cold war", Michael Lind, a contributing editor at the National Interest and author of The American Way of Strategy, said.

According to him, if any further proof were needed, it can be found in the revival of Cold War-style McCarthyite paranoia – this time not among conservatives, but among progressives, many of whom sincerely believe that Vladimir Putin is responsible for the election of Donald Trump. This explanation provides a comforting alibi for the disastrous failure of the Clinton campaign and for the decline of the Democratic Party as a whole, which has been reduced to its lowest share of government power at all levels in the United States in nearly a century.

In his opinion, the fires of Russophobia are stoked by many neoconservatives as well as partisan Democrats. Temporarily disgraced by their support for the catastrophic war in Iraq, neoconservatives nostalgic for Cold War One can try to regain influence by rallying Washington and the American people to heroic efforts in Cold War Two against Putin’s shrunken, post-imperial Russian Federation.

However, the political analyst said that at some point the fever will break. In a decade, today’s Russian Peril will probably seem as deranged, and as manipulated for partisan domestic purposes, as the Red Scares of the 1920s and the 1950s. In time, it is likely that President Trump or a successor will deescalate Cold War Two in favor of something like detente during the Nixon era.