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Turkey Is Increasingly Moving Away from US – American Expert

25.08.2017 14:28

It was previously reported that Russia and Turkey have finished negotiating a contract where Moscow would sell Ankara its advanced S-400 air and missile defense system.

"Although initially surprising to many military experts and observers, this deal nonetheless proceeded essentially without any significant setbacks or much fanfare", Samuel Bendett, a researcher specializing in the Russian military at the Center for Naval Analyses, said.

According to him, while the addition of the S-400 would massively boost Turkish air defense capabilities, the political significance of the deal might be larger than the military one. In many ways, this S-400 deal is another indication that Ankara is moving away from NATO and the United States and charting its own course.

"Turkey is shifting away from the NATO alliance without formally leaving it, and hedging its bets for the future. More broadly, I’d argue that Turkey’s actions are a pivotal component of a continuing global adjustment to a less involved and –more recently – less predictable United States", he resumed.