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Putin Can Help Trump Solve North Korean Crisis

23.08.2017 19:33

Isabel Hilton, CEO of the China Dialogue Trust, claims that the White House can seek help from the Kremlin in order to resolve the North Korean crisis.

According to her, today, relations between North Korea and Russia are at a high level, Moscow has a serious influence on Pyongyang. In this regard, American leader Donald Trump can turn to Russian President Vladimir Putin and ask him for help.

The political scientist does not exclude that such a development of events will require Trump to make concessions to Putin on important issues for Russia. However, it will be much easier to negotiate with Moscow on problems of importance to it, such as Ukraine and Syria, than to seek a compromise with North Korea without the mediation of the Kremlin, the analyst said.

The expert recalls that Russia has already put forward initiatives to resolve the North Korean crisis. In July this year, China and Russia proposed that both sides should make concessions. North Korea would suspend its nuclear and its missile testing in return for a suspension of South Korea’s annual military exercises with the United States. Buried in the joint statement was the assertion that third parties should not negatively affect the interests of other countries.