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U.S. Policy Makes Military Conflict with Russia Inevitable – American Expert

21.08.2017 16:48

War between Russia and the West seems nearly inevitable. No self-respecting nation, including the Russian, facing inexorable encirclement by an alliance of hostile neighbors can allow such pressures and forces to continue indefinitely, Robert W. Merry is editor of the American Conservative, said.

In his opinion, western intrusion into traditional Russian spheres of influence, areas under the sway of Moscow for three centuries or more, represents a highly provocative and destabilizing policy. Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Serbia have been subject to Western designs to one degree or another, including serious US initiatives to dismember Serbia with the recognition of Kosovo's independence and get Tbilisi and Kiev into NATO.

According to Robert W. Merry, The West does not want to recognize Russia's right to own national interests. Besides, the media in the U.S. and Europe vehemently demonize the Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the information war against Russia sometimes takes on the features of absurdity and stupidity.

Donald Trump was elected in part to change all that. The U.S. leader repeatedly asserted in his first press conference that it would be "positive", "good", and "great" if "we could get along with Russia". However, Trump's Russia initiative appears dead. The anti-Russian elites have won the day, whatever the merits of the case or wherever the facts now lead. The president looks hapless on the issue. New sanctions are coming, whether he wants them or not, the political expert said.

American elite teases Russian bear, ignoring Russia's national interests, which can lead to a full-scale military conflict between the two nuclear superpowers, Robert W. Merry resumed.