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US Wants to Involve Russia in Arms Race

16.08.2017 19:04

The US government seeks to involve Russia into a new arms race, Konstantin Sivkov, Russian military analyst said. According to him, this is precisely what explains their desire to denounce the INF Treaty. At the same time, American diplomats are acting quite gracefully: they intend to withdraw from the agreement but simultaneously accuse Moscow of violating previously reached agreements.

"The possible denial of the INF Treaty is Washington's clumsy attempt to draw Kremlin back into a costly arms race. Strategists in the White House do not consider the option of a direct military conflict with Moscow, but Russia's economic exhaustion seems to them a tempting goal", the analyst stressed.

According to him, the hysteria initiated by conservative politicians in the United States over the fact that Russia allegedly violates the provisions of the INF Treaty is explained very simply. The White House, convinced of the weak effectiveness of sanctions imposed on Moscow, intends to increase pressure on the Kremlin. However, Washington does not dare to act by military methods, and, therefore, there is only one thing – to try to destabilize the economic situation in Russia.

At the same time, the expert emphasizes that Moscow will not let itself be dragged into this adventure and is able to offer Washington an asymmetric answer.