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Russian Diplomat Warns of Dangers of Geopolitical Game between US and North Korea

15.08.2017 16:58

The United States and North Korea are playing a dangerous game which is leading the world community into a dead end, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Tuesday.

"As far as I understand, at the moment the US is ready for a direct dialogue only theoretically. It is putting forward unrealistic conditions for the other party. Accordingly, the other side seems to draw a conclusion that such pressure can only be countered by a certain force factor. This is a dangerous game", the Russian diplomat stressed.

According to him, the situation in Northeast Asia is explosive, and it is unclear how it will be evolving. Ryabkov urges the parties to find a point of rapprochement of positions and to work out a compromise solution.

"Russian projects to resolve the crisis boil down to the need to freeze the situation and ensure the status quo, at least for some time, and then start to ease tensions step by step", the diplomat said.

However, in his opinion, US representatives are less and less inclined to seek compromise. He added that on various international platforms American diplomats increasingly often guided by the principle "You are either with us or against us".