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"West" is not a threat to the West

09.08.2017 17:17

Viktoria Holodko

September is coming and the hysteria around the forthcoming Russian-Belarusian exercises "West-2017" is growing.

Lithuanian intelligence even suggested that the upcoming military maneuvers could become a kind of "provocation" that would allow the "green men" to create  the basis for retaliatory  military actions. In addition, some media argue that the Russian Armed Forces "deploys about 100,000 people to Belarus, but hides it in every possible way," while President Alexander Lukashenko "clearly colluded with the Kremlin to help destabilize the situation in neighboring countries."

This, in turn, has become an excellent opportunity for the West to strengthen its defense potential and start looking for new military techniques. So, newly created American news website "Axios" announced that the Pentagon "has changed tactics for the training of servicemen in order to more effectively counter the Russian military threat." Namely - to conduct training in the team, actively using disguise, becoming as "unobtrusive" for the Kremlin. However, the introduction of new methods and tactics is important for the strengthening the "tactics of intimidation" chosen by the West.

At the same time, the North Atlantic alliance continues to increase both its own and its allies' budget. But they are not enthusiastic about such initiative. Why to pay for nonexistent "threats"? Because all the statements about the Kremlin's "aggression" have absolutely no basis.

Firstly, the military doctrine of the Russian Federation is defensive in nature and is aimed at ensuring the security of the country. Secondly, Washington's statements are contrary to Russian policy on the world stage: how can Moscow act as an "aggressor" if its cooperation in the international arena has recently intensified significantly? Finally, the country's membership in various international security organizations (in particular, the CSTO) also contradicts the statements publishing in the mainstream media.

America once again tried to give out desirable for valid…